MOVEMENT Detection

Slope Monitoring

For slope monitoring, another of our most popular requests, we use a GSM, battery powered transmitting device that gets installed into the substrate or slope soil being monitored. Tilt is measured across 2 or 3 axes and the device will report within an accuracy of 0.01mm. The best way to explain the three axes is if you hold a pencil upright in your hand, the X axis is forward and backward movement, the Y axis is side to side and the Z axis is up and down.

How it works:

After installation and being set to zero the SA-SM200/ SA-SM300 Slope Monitoring Device wakes up at set intervals to report. The default setting is every 6 hours – this gives 4 reports per 24hrs. The report will show a line graph detailing a time stamp of the triggered report, and showing the distance moved across the 3 axes.

Each time the device wakes up and takes a measurement, it also sends the report to our servers. Our report to your email, or for premium customers; to your dashboard will be set at the intervals you choose: Every 6 hours, Every 12 hours, Every 24 hours, Every week or Every month.

For premium customers, the device can also be set to trigger an alarm if the gap widens or narrows above a certain threshold. This alarm could be via SMS, or a Dashboard alert, or an Email if required. 

Any settings changes will result in a faster resource usage than our guaranteed 1 Yr in the field between charges. Any call out to recharge could result in service charges, all of which will be made clear at the time of the initial setup.

In areas of low GSM signal, we have extenders for the aerial but these will use up battery fairly quickly. We also have a WiFi version coming out soon, that can be mains powered as well. Our approach to all situations is to get the data, make sure the data is not compromised in any way, and report on it to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves in developing solutions to assist our customers.

Not to be compared with a manual function, what we offer is a state of the art, British Designed and Made, High Tech reporting Slope Monitoring device.



Proudly UK Designed and Built
Overseen by Qualified Structural Engineers
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